The legality of sport booking is still a matter of debate however, some states have begun to permit the activity. Sport betting is legal in Iowa since 2019 in both offline and online betting. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission supervises the industry and the licensing fee is borne by the online operator. In Michigan betting on sports is legal online as well as in casinos that are retail. The program was launched in three casinos in March 2020, just ahead of the Coronavirus pandemic. Mississippi also dabbled in the world of sports betting but hasn’t yet fully embraced mobile betting.

Avengers of PASPA resulted in a surge of legislative and business momentum. As of late, 4 major American sports leagues have partnered with betting companies for sports. Some have even created official channels for betting on sports. Nevada is an example of a notable exception. In the past, payouts for sports betting were based on results. PASPA has banned both betting online and in-person on sports, except Nevada. However, betting apps for sports permit users to pay and register betting decisions and act as digital clearinghouses to pay out or bet calls.

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